Tips on Weight Gain

People gain weight when they regularly consume more calories while using less through physical activities like exercise or through the normal body functions such as breathing and hear beat. This is as a result of daily lifestyle habits which lead people to unknowingly consume more than their bodies can use. Funny enough, some of these habits are not among the usual suspects.

To avoid gaining weight, one simply needs to consume fewer calories while burning more of them through physical activities. However, this is easier said than done since most of our modern day lifestyles are modeled in a way that, more often than not, we find ourselves engaged in less and less physical activity but always eating something. A big number of not only adults but also children are alarmingly becoming obese.

Ever wondered why some people who seem very careful about their diets still end up gaining weight?  Well it’s all in the details. For instance, many of us are quickly attracted to foods with a “low fat” label when shopping for food stuffs. What many people don’t know is that some of these low fat foods have high levels of sugar! When we eat such foods we end up pumping more calories into our bodies and in the process become a weight gainer, since high sugar levels in food means high levels of calories too.

Therefore, it is always prudent to look beyond the “low fat” labels and read about the calories and overall energy content since some foods may have reduced fat levels but still retain the same level of calories or even more than before the fat reduction. Another unseen culprit that is rapidly making people easily gain weight is STRESS. With the world becoming more and more competitive everyday, a big number of people are finding themselves under pressure to deliver on obligations from both family and the work place.

When many of us are stressed, we find ourselves reaching for something sugary. If this goes on for some time, you will never know why you are a weight gainer. To avoid such bad stress induced eating habits, people need to train themselves to eat low calorie snacks like fruits and vegetables or popcorn and rice cakes. It is also advisable to find alternative ways of dealing with stress without involving food in the picture. Venting it out in the gym can be a very good alternative.

Some of the other things in modern lifestyles that  that lead to gaining unnecessary weight include too much watching of tv. With the tv programs becoming more innovative by the day, many of us are becoming more and more hooked to the tv than we care to admit. Watching tv makes people inactive for hours and to make it worse, many find themselves snacking on high calorie food like crisps or chocolate while at it!

To avoid getting trapped in such a habit, try engaging yourself in some exercise while watching TV and train yourself not to be eating while watching your favorite programs; people tend to over-eat during such times by doing it absent minded. Above all try to spend as little time as possible in front of the TV.

Some of the prescription drugs that we use at home can be unseen causes of weight gain as one of their side effects. These drugs include steroids and insulin. The best thing to do in such circumstances is to seek advice from the doctor while maintaining a balanced diet. However, nobody should stop prescribed medication because of weight issues unless advised by their physician.

Experts have discovered that lack of enough sleep is a big cause of weight gain. With the high competition in the market place companies have become more demanding on their employees to produce results. As a result of struggling to beat deadlines, more and more people are sleeping less, gaining weight in the process. Insomnia, which is  lack of enough sleep can end up becoming counter productive as people suffering from it can never perform to the best of their abilities.

Overeating is not considered as one of the best manners, however in some instances people feel obligated to finish the food portion they are served so as not to appear rude. This becomes a habit that leads some people to sweep everything that is put on their plate. It is good to learn how to say” No. Thank you” and stick to your guns. People will learn to respect your stand. After all it is not a crime to leave some food on your plate!

Advantages of Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is more than just the body muscles, but also the health in general. Some of the advantages include:

Improvement of bodily health: bodybuilding tends to lower the dangers of developing the coronary heart conditions. By virtue of joining in physical exercises like bodybuilding, you increase your chances of reducing and controlling high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity. It also has a healthy impact to the muscles, joints and bones. It helps in keeping the muscles and body strong and very flexible. Diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis are very restricted to one who does bodybuilding exercises.

Secondly it improves your mental health: it reduces stress, depression and anxiety. It also helps in lifting one’s confidence and self esteem and this is helpful for those with low self esteem and the ones with a negative self image. The positive self image is brought about by changes in the bodily shape as you build muscle fast which leaves you feeling stronger leaner and better. Bodybuilding can improve someone’s moods and help them in dealing with the negative emotions. Another advantage is that it helps one to sleep better, reduce psychological tension and fatigue. It leaves the body and the mind feeling relaxed, calm and refreshed which creates a lot of positive impact on the general physical and psychological health.

Bodybuilding improves the body and mind. The weight training leaves you empowered in the body and mind. The exercise also improves the energy level which is needed in the body.  Since the mind and brain requires metal energy, therefore one is in a position to focus and concentrate better. When exercising, people breathe deeper and this way they bring sufficient oxygen to the brains and the bodies since oxygen keeps the brain healthy. The other thing to note is bodybuilding improves the mind’s efficiency and the general health of the body and mind is enhanced when one is physically active. Therefore, the whole thing remains that bodybuilding is very phenomenal and essential to a healthy body and proper functioning of the mind. With a healthier and stronger body and mind, there is a good balance and greater connection between the body and the mind.  With this in mind, it has been proven that to build muscle fast through bodybuilding is very beneficial to one’s overall health and well being.

Another advantage of bodybuilding is improved nutrition. For one to have an improved health of mind, they need to incoporate bodybuilding, healthy nutrition and proper rest. Healthy feeding habits and the kinds of food that one eats can have an impact in their memory and thinking. It is therefore good for one to be careful on what they put in their bodies because from that it will affect how their minds and brains function. Feeding on foods which are good in antioxidants, improves focus and memory. Such foods include vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, spinach, oranges and many more. Feeding yourself on whole grains, vegetables and fruits will provide the brain with good amounts of glucose. When the blood glucose goes down beyond the normal level, it can lead to dizziness. Thus it ia always good to try and maintain the normal level of glucose in the blood without necessarily taking lucose which is in the form of sucrose. Food stuff which have iron nutrients gives the mind and brain enough oxygen, and such foods include chicken, lean meat, dry apricots among others. Foods with vitamin B nutrients are important for keeping the mind healthy. Some of this food sources include fish, milk, eggs, potatoes among others. Eating of organic food tend to reduce toxins which would otherwise go to the brain and body. Therefore it is good to choose the organic foods which will greatly benefit the mind and body. In this list we have water which is very essential to the general health of body and mind. Research shows that the brain is seventy five percent water. This means keeping oneself hydrated benefits both the brain and the body by keeping them oxygenated and detoxified. Trying to reduce the intake of fast food will help in keeping the body and the mind fit. Avoid heavy drinking and alcohol in general so as to improve on mental alertness.

Therefore, bodybuilding and the right nutrition have proved to be beneficial to mental sharpness with a strong and healthy mind.

Gain Weight the Healthy Way

People may want to gain weight for various reasons some of them being health, body building or fighting genes of being skinny. People on a mission to gain some weight should do it in a healthy way without necessarily gobbling up whatever food that comes their way.

It is advisable to eat healthy foods while trying to gain weight. This needs balancing between calories intake and good nutritious food.  The process to gain weight should be gradual until the right weight is achieved. Junk and sugary high calorie foods should be avoided as much as possible since such foods are likely to add fat to the body instead of giving one a lean body. Make three meals a day mandatory with a few snacks in between.

High calorie and nutritious foods also happen to have a high fat content. However fats from plant sources like that from seeds, nuts and fruits like avocados are considered healthy. Animal fats also contain high amounts of caloriesand nutrients just like plant fats but they are rich in saturated fats which may add dangerous cholesterol in the body. Lots of high calorie juices are recommended instead of drinking water.  Nuts, cereals, dried fruits and desserts must be in plenty. Another cheap way of getting additional calories is to sprinkle some olive oil on salads, grains or stews.

One can’t gain weight without eating enough healthy foods. This can only be achieved by having several meals and snacks within a day.  This works for people who have a problem with appetite. If they eat little amounts of healthy food about six times a day, throwing in a few snacks, they will attain the right calories that can enable them to gain a half a pound or even a pound a week. One should aim at choosing foods that are rich in calories, nutrients and vitamins.

The goal is to choose foods that are packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients and calories. For sports people who want to gain some muscle, they will need a lots of calories coupled with the right strength training to ensure that they gain muscles in the right parts.  White meat protein like that from chicken and fish are the best to achieve this.

Most people lose weight when Ill since most illnesses comes with loss off appetite. During sickness many people are usually on inadequate diets with less calories, vitamins and nutrients. This might be as a result of their poor appetites. Sick people need all the calories that they can to get back to their feet and good health.

Egg dishes and drinking smoothies and mild foods might just work wonders because they are easily digestible and highly nutritious.When the appetite is too low, there are things that one can try to get it back. For instance, a walk before meals helps to boost one’s appetite. Spicing up food with herbs and flavors can also go a long way to improve the appetite. Always drink liquids at different times other than meal times so as to avoid filling yourself up and not having room for nutritious food. Help from a dietitian will also prove to be so helpful.

When one needs to add calories to their diet, they are advised to choose high calorie and fat rich food options, if possible.  There are several ways to boost one’s calorie uptake especially after a serious sickness.

You can try full cream milk in place of skimmed milk. Fortified milk, made by adding about four spoons of powdered milk to a pint of cream milk is highly nutritious and can be tried to replace the regular milk. The fortified milk can also be used in coffee and instead of water; milk can be used to make soups too. Butter and margarine should be in plenty.

At the end of the day you will realize that gaining weight in a healthy manner, just like trying to lose it, needs a lot of discipline and patience. It is a paradox that while a big number of people are struggling to lose weight, a good number is dying to gain it too. But one thing that the two groups must have in order to achieve their goals is a positive attitude and the will to work towards attaining a healthy weight.